About Edges and Nets

Welcome to Edges And Nets. We aim to provide quality written English-language in-depth coverage of all the major events on the World Table Tennis (WTT) Tour (formerly the ITTF Pro Tour) and the Olympics. Never miss a moment of the tour as we cover all the key moments and story-lines in the form of previews, recaps, and more.

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What does our slogan mean?

This blog is motivated by the fact that other online table tennis platforms and social media accounts often contain relatively little content about the professional scene. They are instead often dominated by the likes of cute videos of kids and dogs "playing" ping pong, funny highlight videos of noobs (i.e. amateurs) playing ping pong, and non-table tennis celebrities playing ping pong very poorly. While we also enjoy cute and funny videos, Edges and Nets is dedicated exclusively to covering professional table tennis.

We treat top players as the stars that they are, and we present the game as it is: not just a mix-tape of sky lobs and insane counter-loops but also a highly tactical and suspenseful psychological battle that is going to end a lot of points on the third or fifth ball. As a result, we hope to provide higher quality written coverage that makes professional table tennis just as convenient and exciting to follow as any other major global sport.

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