KOBE Couyoumjian Wins Under 2400

Final Video

Finalists Victor Moraga and KOBE!

Further results and additional videos below. Certain round robin results were not recorded.


Round Robins

Group 1ABCD
A. Keenan Zhou (2210)N/A-8,6,-6,-60,0,05,8,5
B. C. Brandon Koh (2072)3-1N/A0,0,07,9,4
C. Bryson Liu (1828)0-30-3N/A-0,-0,-0
D. Kevin Yu (1699)0-30-33-0N/A
Group 2ABCD
A. Diego Gallardo (2137)N/A8,5,11-5,7,10,-3,-913,7,5
B. Vignesh Iyer (2051)0-3N/A-7,-7,-57,-7,10,-9,-8
C. Jay Ong (2000)3-23-0N/A7,7,7
D. Red-Riley Rapinan (1689)0-33-20-3N/A
Group 3ABCD
A. Daniel Zhou (2120)N/A-7,7,-7,7,-8-9,12,-10,8,-84,8,-7,5
B. William Yang (2057)3-2N/A12,7,912,6,10
C. Ryan Lin (1990)3-20-3N/A7,7,8
D. Evelyn Pace (1700)1-30-30-3N/A
Group 4ABCD
A. Kayleigh Cui (2114)N/A
B. Beni Korol (2015)N/A
C. Nathanael Hwang (1828)N/A
D. Austin Zhang (1782)N/A

Additional Videos

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