Michael Yeh Wins Under 2000

Finals Video

Joint Celebration of the Under 1800 and Under 2000 finalists:

Further results are shown below. Unfortunately, certain results were not recorded.


Round Robins

Group 1ABCD
A. Dylan Joshua Ley (1862)N/A
B. Red-Riley Rapinan (1689)N/A
C. Evelyn Pace (1700)N/A
D. Teddy Xu (1481)N/A
Group 2ABCD
A. Michael Chen (1778)N/A7,7,-7,77,-9,-9,-139,9,-2,9
B. Kathiravan Tamilvanan (1725)1-3N/A-3,-9,6,8,71,6,5
C. Larry Hu (1687)3-12-3N/A3,11,-9,9
D. Willis Li (1399)1-30-31-3N/A
Group 3ABCD
A. Vincent Liu (1775)N/A6,5,-7,106,-3,9,-4,7-10,-11,7,70,-6
B. Luis M. Crescitelli (1738)1-3N/A-7,-5,6,-55,-10,5,-9,5
C. Neha Srinivasan (1723)2-33-1N/A1,7,-9,-8,4
D. Bryson Liu (1828)3-22-32-3N/A
Group 4ABCD
A. Gautam Kathiravan (1770)N/A
B. Thomas Tong (1770)N/A
C. Kevin Li Zhang (1526)N/A
D. Tianze Shen (883)N/A

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