Michael Chen Wins Under 1800

Finals Video

Joint picture of the under 2000 finalists and under 1800 finalists:

Unfortunately, no video of the finals is available. Further results shown below.

Round Robins

Group 1ABCD
A. Luis M. Crescitelli (1738)N/A5,-8,6,-8,-90,0,0-8,8,-8,-8
B. Red-Riley Rapinan (1689)3-2N/A0,0,0-7,3,-8,9,5
C. Nathan L Wang (1447)0-30-3N/A-0,-0,-0
D. Andrew J Chen (1289)3-12-33-0N/A
Group 2ABCD
A. Kathiravan Tamilvanan (1725)N/A-8,10,-8,-106,4,-8,79,9,10
B. William Nguyen (1584)3-1N/A8,-8,2,75,-6,7,7
C. Ashwath Hegde (1453)1-31-3N/A-9,7,-8,6,-9
D. Rufat Ragimov (1274)0-31-33-2N/A
Group 3ABCD
A. Jerry Harris (1719)N/A5,-9,4,77,8,-7,86,4,4
B. Omar Mora (1524)1-3N/A8,-8,9,911,6,-8,3
C. Teddy Xu (1481)1-31-3N/A4,5,6
D. Tianze Shen (883)0-31-30-3N/A
Group 4ABCD
A. Evelyn Pace (1700)N/A5,6,96,5,46,7,4
B. Vinh Phan (1586)0-3N/A6,-6,-10,-88,-9,8,7
C. Willis Li (1399)0-33-1N/A7,-10,8,8
D. Jonathan Chang (1128)0-31-31-3N/A


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