Under 13 Draw and Results

Two players advance from each round robin into the quarter-final group.

Stage 1 Groups

Group 1ABCD
A. Tianze Shen (883)N/A-5,-7,-47,4,-8,34,6,3
B. Callem Pace (0)3-0N/A7,4,104,5,4
C. Yaalini Kathiravan (0)1-30-3N/A11,4,5
D. Anders Arnsten (0)0-30-30-3N/A
Group 2ABCD
A. Fei-Lian Zhang (356)N/A-10,6,-4,11,-54,4,32,7,3
B. Emily Chen (345)3-2N/A1,1,12,7,3
C. Shriya Paladugu (0)0-30-3N/A9,-3,-4,-3
D. Arman Shoaee (0)0-30-33-1N/A

Final Groups

Unfortunately, results were not recorded for the final groups.

Group 2ABCD
A. Nathanael Hwang (1828)N/A
B. Nathan L Wang (1447)N/A
C. Group 1 Winner (0)N/A
D. Group 2 Winner (0)N/A

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