Callem Pace Wins Under 11

Finals Video

Under 11 Top 3 Finishers Yaalini Kathiravan, Tianze Shen, and Callem Pace

Detailed results are shown below.

Round Robins

Group 1ABCD
A. Tianze Shen (883)N/A6,7,42,3,6
B. Vincent Wu (0)0-3N/A -10,4,6,1
C. Arman Shoaee (0)0-31-3N/A
Group 2ABCD
A. Callem Pace (0)N/A6,7,43,5,73,3,3
B. Yaalini Kathiravan (0)0-3N/A11,2,34,2,6
C. Yuri Kuwahara (0)0-30-3N/A-4,-2,-6
D. Isaac Du (0)0-30-33-0N/A


Main Draw

1. Tianze defeats Yaalini 7-11,12-10,11-9,11-5

2. Callum vs Vincent; 3-0

Finals: Callum defeats Tianze

Matches for Third, Phase 1:

Arman defeats Isaac 3-0

Arman defeats Yuri 3-0

Matches for Third Phase 2:

Yaalini defeats Arman 3-1

Vincent defeats Yuri 3-0

Yaalini defeats Vincent

Final Standings

  1. Callum Pace
  2. Tianze Shen
  3. Yaalini Kathiravan
  4. Vincent Wu
  5. Arman Shoaee
  6. Isaac Du
  7. Yuri Kuwahara

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