Xiang Jing Zhang Wins Asymchem Open Singles

Finals Video


Full match:

Asymchem Sponsor JQ Yu, Open Finalists Xiang Jing Zhang and Udaya Ranasingha, and ASLT Head Coach Earl Alto
Open Semi-Finalists Sally Moyland and Kai Zhang

Further results and additional videos are shown below (some results were not recorded).


Round Robins

Group 1ABCD
A. Earl James Alto (2566)N/A-9,8,4,66,7,38,-18,1,4
B. Daniel Zhou (2120)1-3N/A8,9,118,9,11
C. Bryson Liu (1787)0-30-3N/A
D. Ruben Arutiunov (0)1-30-3N/A
Group 2ABCD
A. Udaya Ranasingha (2542)N/A7,4,75,5,60,0,0
B. Kayleigh Cui (2114)0-3N/A9,3,70,0,0
C. Michael Chen (1778)0-30-3N/A0,0,0
D. Jashan Taggar (0)0-30-30-3N/A
Group 3ABCD
A. Ted Chensheng Li (2473)N/A-9,5,-7,6,76,10,64,1,6
B. Kobe Couyoumjian (2218)2-3N/A11,6,84,5,9
C. Andrew Zhou (2006)0-30-3N/A9,-9,9,6
D. Omar Mora (1524)0-30-31-3N/A
Group 4ABCD
A. Sally Moyland (2386)N/A5,8,45,4,79,-9,1,4
B. Vignesh Iyer (2051)0-3N/A-6,10,7,68,-8,7,4
C. Austin Zhang (1782)0-31-3N/A
D. Kevin Yu (1699)1-31-3N/A
Group 5ABCD
A. Alex Wu (2385)N/A9,8,-3,7
B. Crystal Liu (2107)1-3N/A7,6,68,1,7
C. Meng Zeng (1528)0-3N/A-7,7,7,-7,7
D. Nathan Lata (1562)0-32-3N/A

Additional Videos

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