Ted Li Wins Juniors

Finals Video

Full results and additional videos are posted below.

Round Robins

Group 1ABCD
A. Keenan Zhou (2210)N/A-9,5,6,-8,49,8,106,11,4
B. Michael Yeh (1947)2-3N/A9,8,77,7,2
C. Vincent Liu (1712)0-30-3N/A11,10,-5,-7,-7
D. Teddy Xu (1481)0-30-33-2N/A
Group 2ABCD
A. Daniel Zhou (2120)N/A10,6,88,9,6-8,-9,8,6,10
B. Andrew A Chen (1842)0-3N/A-10,-12,-9-9,9,9,-9,3
C. Neha Srinivasan (1772)0-33-0N/A-3,8,4,-9,13
D. Red-Riley Rapinan (1689)2-32-32-3N/A
Group 3ABCD
A. Kayleigh Cui (2114)N/A-9,2,9,58,7,-12,78,6,4
B. Andrew Zhou (2006)1-3N/A-8,7,7,-8,-7-9,5,-7,-4
C. Gautam Kathiravan (1802)1-33-2N/A10,-5,10,-8,7
D. William Nguyen (1636)0-33-12-3N/A
Group 4ABCD
A. Crystal Liu (2107)N/A7,3,5-9,1,7,59,3,6
B. Aidan Chen (1829)0-3N/A13,-9,5,-10,7-9,-9,15,8,-10
C. Austin Zhang (1782)1-32-3N/A9,-6,-7,-8
D. Evelyn Pace (1700)0-33-23-1N/A
Group 5ABCD
A. William Yang (2057)N/A11,-8,5,128,9,92,5,2
B. Justin Pan (1924)1-3N/A8,-7,6,36,3,9
C. Thomas Tong (1770)0-31-3N/A6,-8,5,4
D. Andrew J Chen (1289)0-30-31-3N/A


Additional Videos

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