After School Learning Tree Open Presented by Asymchem

Update: Read a summary of the positives and negatives at our tournament and changes we expect to make at our next tournament to improve the player and spectator experience.

Welcome to the After School Learning Tree Open. Thank you to Asymchem for sponsoring the Open and allowing us to put over $4000 in total prize money in the event! The tournament was held on August 13-15, 2021 in San Diego, California, USA. Feel free to scroll through the whole page, or jump to any of the following sections:

Tournament Information

Player Information

Spectator Information


Congratulations to Xiang Jing Zhang for winning the Asymchem Open Singles. Watch the Top 3 Plays of the Asymchem Open Finals here:

Click here to watch the full match. Recordings of other select matches are also available on this Youtube channel.

More results are shown in the table below. Click the title of an event for more detailed results, pictures of the finalists, and videos of the finals for select events.

EventFirst PlaceSecond Place
Asymchem Open SinglesXiang Jing ZhangUdaya Ranasingha
Juniors RRTed LiKeenan Zhou
U13 RRNathanael HwangNathan L Wang
U11 RRCallem PaceTianze Shen
U2400KOBE!Victor Moraga
U2300Hanson ChiuKeenan Zhou
U2200Crystal LiuKayleigh Cui
U2000Michael YehAidan Chen
U1800Michael ChenGautam Kathiravan
U1600Kevin Li ZhangTeddy Xu
U1400Callem PaceRufat Ragimov
U3600 DoublesMichael Yeh/EV PaceGautam Kathiravan/Red-Riley Rapinan
U4200 DoublesUdaya Ranasingha/Omar MoraKeenan Zhou/Austin Zhang
BrazillianUdaya’s TeamMichael’s Team

Tournament Information

Schedule of Events

Rules for Brazilian

Each team consists of four players. Before each match, a team must submit an order for its players. To begin a match, each team sends the first player in their line-up to the table to play one point. Whoever wins the point stays on the table and earns a point for the team. Whoever loses the point must leave the table, and the next player in line on his/her team will play the next point. The challenging player always serves. The process continues (once all players on the team have lost a point, the first player goes back onto the table again) until a team reaches 33 points (no deuce).


We would like to give a big thank you to Asymchem for sponsoring the Open Event in this tournament. Asymchem is a leading global CDMO providing partners with efficient, flexible, and high-quality small molecule solutions.

We would like to give a big thank you to Flyhomes for sponsoring this tournament. A hot start-up that has received Series C funding, Flyhomes provides a real estate brokerage platform that helps clients through the entire home buying process.

Thank you Taste of Hunan, a local restaurant that specializes in traditional Hunan cuisine, for sponsoring this tournament.

If you are interested in sponsoring future tournaments, please fill out this Google form, and we will reach out to you.


The tournament will be held at After School Learning Tree table tennis club in San Diego, California. The address is 11525 Sorrento Valley Rd STE A, San Diego, CA 92121. We will use 8 Joola 3000 SC tables, Nittaku 3 star premium balls, and red carpet flooring.

The tournament will be played on 8 tables in two rooms. Pictures of the two rooms are shown below. Note that during the tournament, there will be fewer tables and more space.


  • Date. The tournament will be held on August 13-15, 2021.
  • Entry Deadline. The entry deadline is August 11, 2021.
  • Registration. The tournament is live for registration on Omnigpong where you can also view which other players have entered this tournament.
  • Registration fees. In addition to the event fees, we will charge a $10 tournament registration fee.
  • Non-Sanctioned. This tournament is not USATT sanctioned. Everyone is welcome to play. We will not charge a ratings fee or USATT membership fee, and the results do not affect your USATT rating.
  • Eligibility. This tournament is open to all players. You can play and advance whether you have a rating or not, and may self report your rating. However, as a general guideline we will be using the official ratings list as of August 1, 2021 to determine eligibility cutoffs for rating events.
  • Self-reporting Ratings If you do not yet have a USATT rating or feel that you are severely overrated due to the long layoff during the pandemic or other reasons, you may also self-report your estimated rating (be honest, please) using this Google form. Provided that your self-reported rating is within reason, you will be permitted to advance from all the events you enter in. Please note that you still need to register for the tournament first on Omnipong before we can adjust your rating.
  • Match length. The Open Singles semi-finals and finals will be four out of seven. All other matches will be three out of fives.
  • Max Entries. In order for the event to run on time, we will be placing a maximum number of entries on each event. The number of max entries are posted on Omnipong.
  • Payments. As a result of our capon entries , in order for your spot in our tournament to be guaranteed, entries must be paid in full beforehand either online on Omnipong (preferred) or in person at After School Learning Tree.
  • Waitlist. If an event has already received its maximum number of entries and you would like to be placed on the waitlist, please fill out this form.
  • Round robins. Round robins will be groups of four.
  • Seeded Players. In order to ensure that the event runs on time and that all round robins have four people, up to four top-rated players may be seeded directly into the knock-out round in each event. Players who do not wish to be seeded directly into the knock-out round may opt out.
  • Finish Time. All events will finish on the same day they start. To ensure that the Under 2000 finishes on time on Saturday night, we will allocate two tables to each round robin.
  • Contact. Please call or text (619) 253-1093 or email to reach a tournament representative.

Player Information

Request to Change Your Draw

Our goal is that you let to play the players that you want to play at our tournament. If for whatever reason you would prefer a different draw, please fill out this Google form. We will do our best to accommodate your request as soon as possible.

While it is optional for you to provide a reason for your request, and we will do our best to grant all requests, if several requests conflict we will grant higher priority to requests with a good reason. Several possible reasons for wanting a new draw include (but are not limited to):

  • There is one person who you normally play with all the time (so you do not want to play each other at the tournament) who you are slated to play in the round robin or an early single-elimination round
  • There is a certain player, or a certain style of play, that you really want to play
  • You have been seeded out of the round robin directly into the knockout stage but would prefer to play a round robin
  • You are slated to play someone in the group or first round multiple times in the tournament
  • You believe your side of the draw if significantly harder than the other side

Food on Saturday

We will be selling lunchboxes from Taste of Hunan starting around noontime on Saturday. An example lunch box is shown in the image below. We have specifically asked the requested the restaurant to add less oil so that the meals are easily digestible and you will be ready to play soon after eating it. We offer three variations: beef, chicken, and vegetarian.

We will be selling each lunchbox for their normal price of $12.50 at the tournament. However, if you pre-order your lunchbox either on the “goodies” section in Omnipong (preferred) or using this Google form by August 11, you can get a special deal for $10. Feel free to order lunchboxes for yourself, parents, children, friends, spouses, and romantic love interests.

If you like the lunchboxes, please consider eating at the restaurant, where there is a much more extensive menu, for a full meal later.


Update: Due to limited bandwidth from the tournament directors, we will not be using Ratings Central this time around.

We will be experimenting with Ratings Central, a rating system widely used in Europe and Australia. Based on Bayesian statistics, Ratings Central accounts for the inherent uncertainty in assessing a player’s rating. As a result, it is more accurate and provides more information than the more vanilla ELO-based rating systems like the one used by USATT.

How does this affect you as a player?

It does not! Feel free to completely ignore this section! We do not charge a ratings fee, your USATT rating will not be impacted, and nobody in the US is going to ask you about your Ratings Central rating. We simply wanted to let you know that your results will be input into the system. However, if you are interested, we expect ratings to be posted onto the Ratings Central website shortly after the tournament. Please note that ratings may be volatile after the first tournament but should become more accurate after you play more tournaments in San Diego.

Are you scared in your joints that you will be marginalized under this new system? Read more about Bayesian statistics and how the Ratings Central system works so that you don’t feel like an imposterior!

Have Fun!

We hope to make our tournament as player-friendly an experience as possible. If you have any other questions or requests for the tournament staff, let us know using this Google form, and we will see whether we can accommodate you.

Spectator Information

The tournament is free to watch in person, and all our welcome. While spectators are welcome to watch all events, we would like to hilight our headliner event.

Open Singles

The Open singles is our headliner event and will feature top players from around the region. Thank you to Asymchem for sponsoring this event. We will continually update this site as we confirm top entries.

Confirmed Top Entries

Kai Zhang

Kai Zhang is rated 2649 and is a member of the US National Team. You can find our more about his personal background here and here. Check out the following hilights of Kai beating Japanese star Koki Niwa (who was World Rank 11 at the time and reached the round of 16 at this year’s Tokyo Olympics) in an international tournament in 2019:

Udaya Ranasingha

Udaya Ransingha is rated 2542 and was a member of the Sri Lankan National Team before immigrating to the United States. Check out of this video of Udaya destroying US National Junior Team member Ted Li (who is the top seed in our Junior Open and the sixth seed in our Open Singles event) in the T2 Challenge earlier this year:

Spectator Contest (CANCELLED)

Update: Due to limited bandwidth from the tournament directors, we did not host an event.

We will be having a small contest among the spectators. It is free to enter, and the winner will win a small prize. The contest rules are as follows:

  • Anyone can play as long as they show up to the tournament in person (either as a player or a spectator) and watch the Open Singles Finals.
  • To play, predict the total number of points that will be played in the Open Singles Finals.
  • Once someone else has made a prediction, you cannot make the same exact prediction. You can view existing predictions here.
  • You can submit a prediction up until just before the Open Singles Finals starts.
  • You can make a prediction either at the front desk on the day of the tournament or using this Google Form. Please note that you must watch the Open Singles Finals in person to enter the contest.
  • Whoever has the closest prediction wins a pack of three Nittaku Premium balls.
  • In the event of a tie, the person who picked the lowest number wins.

Youtube Recordings

There will be no live stream, but recordings of select matches have been posted on this channel.

Feedback and Tips

Thank you to all players and spectators for participating in our tournament. If you would like to leave feedback (positive or negative) for our tournament or website, please fill out this Google form.

Local Food and Attractions

After you have finished playing or spectating, you may want to eat dinner and explore the beautiful city of San Diego. Some potential recommendations:


We recommend Taste of Hunan, a local restaurant that specializes in traditional Hunan cuisine, as a great spot for lunch and dinner. Thank you Taste of Hunan for sponsoring this tournament. Taste of Hunan is located at 9880 Hibert St., E-2, San Diego, CA 92131.


Check out the sea lions at nearby La Jolla Cove. Other daytime summer activities here include kayaking and snorkeling.

Enjoy K-Dramas? Join Kim Tan and Cha Eunsang from The Heirs on their lovely date in Balboa Park, which is also full of family-friendly museums, gardens, and attractions.

Enjoy your typical beach-town atmosphere at Seaport Village.

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Feel free to check out the table tennis blog also hosted on this web domain. Of particular interest to American players may be the blog’s exclusive interview with Kanak Jha. Please note that After School Learning Tree , Asymchem, Flyhouse, and Taste of Hunan are in no way affiliated with this blog and do not necessarily endorse anything written in it.