Timo Boll: Fan Zhendong is the Favorite, But Other Chinese Look Vulnerable

Timo Boll briefly spoke to German media on his physical condition and his thoughts on the Chinese National Team as the World Championships approach at the end of the month. Some notable quotes:

On his physical condition

“At the moment the body is working. That is the most important thing. If it stays that way until the World Cup, I have the confidence to do something.”

“The level is now so close. You can’t allow yourself to be weak. You have to see that you play well yourself. Then everything is possible for me – from the medal to the final round.”

“If you move to the limit, there is always the risk that you are physically slumped and more vulnerable, so I tried to work on my condition.”

On the Chinese National Team

Boll said that he views Fan Zhendong as the clear favorite at the World Championships, but he hinted at vulnerabilities in the rest of their youth-driven line-up (which is missing veterans Ma Long and Xu Xin):

“I do think that they want to test their young players with a view to the next Olympics.”

“But we will see if it looks really better for the rest of the world. At least some of the younger Chinese weren’t quite as consistent in their performances.”

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