“One of the Worst Ever”: Players Complain About WTT Contender Tunis

Mishel Levinski and Nina Mittelham have both posted public complaints on their Instagram regarding poor playing conditions at the most recent WTT Contender Tunis, and their peers appear to agree with them. Three of the chief complaints appear to include:

  • The training hall had cement flooring and had the feel of a local club rather than a professional tournament
  • The bus between the venue and hotel was sporadic and only ran every one to two hours at certain times
  • The food was low quality

Levinski and Mittelham both asserted that virtually all the other players at the tournament would agree with them. A host of other players have liked or shared their Instagram posts complaining about the tournament conditions. By our count, the number of players at the tournament have who liked at least one of the two posts is in double digits. Notable names include: Maria Xiao, Bruna Takahashi, and Quadri Aruna. Among the men’s singles finalists (Dang Qiu and Anton Källberg), Dang Qiu as well as an account of someone personally close to Källberg (note Källberg himself did not like the post) also liked Mittelham’s post.

The two Instagram posts are linked below.

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