Tokyo Olympics Table Tennis July 27/28 Schedule (Pacific Timezones)

Below is the schedule for the table tennis singles events at the Tokyo Olympics on July 28 (may still be July 27) in certain parts of the world. All matches will be broadcast on table 1.

American cable subscribers can watch the stream on NBC.

MatchTime (Local/Tokyo) TimeTime (Los Angeles/PDT)
Kasumi Ishikawa vs Yu Mengyu10:00 6 pm (July 27)
Fan Zhendong vs Jeoung Youngsik11:007 pm (July 27)
Chen Meng vs Doo Hoi Kem12:008 pm (July 27)
Mima Ito vs Jeon Jihee15:0011 pm (July 27)
Lin Yun-Ju vs Darko Jorgic 16:0012 am (July 28)
Han Ying vs Sun Yingsha 17:001 am (July 28)
Omar Assar vs Ma Long20:004 am (July 28)
Dimitrij Ovtcharov vs Hugo Calderano21:005 am (July 28)

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