ITTF Responds To German and Chinese Complaints Over Olympic Court Sizes

After both the German and Chinese teams have complained about the size of the court, Chinese state media reports that ITTF has responded by moving the umpire tables back half a meter away from the table. However, they are unable to expand the size of the court due to wiring underneath the floor.

Both Xu Xin and Liu Guoliang complained about the small playing arena to Chinese state media several days ago. Liu said, “The whole playing space is smaller than usual… world competitions normally have areas measuring seven by 14 meters… I just measured it at six by 11 meters. There will be two referees’ tables as well which will cover a big area. I’m worried about athletes’ safety if they start running”

Xu stated, “We have been noticing the size of the playing area throughout. Several side serves hit the screen board (at the side of the court) and we were slightly affected.”

Liu also complained about the COVID restrictions, saying to state media, “We didn’t expect some epidemic rules like not wiping the game table with your hand, or blowing (on the ball).” However, it should be noted that virtually all of these same exact COVID restrictions were also in place when China hosted the World Cup last Fall.

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